Want A Good Night Sleep?

Do you ever desire to have a good night sleep?  I am not talking about the routine task of going to bed every night.  I am talking about that truly satisfying, sinking into, a nice gorgeous bed and sleeping a long blissful sleep, kind of sleep. 

I shall insert my disclaimer here – I apologise if this is not relevant for people with sleep disorders.  I have full respect for anyone who lives with a condition that means that sleep doesn’t happen naturally.

Caring for your bedroom goes a long way towards getting that blissful, comfortable feeling.

First Thing Is First

Address the clutter in your bedroom. I know you are guilty, in my house we are too.

~ Books piled up in the corner because you don’t know what to do with them.

~ Last years Christmas toiletries gifts unopened still waiting to be sorted.

~ Some once worn clothes that are too dirty to go away but too clean to launder.

~ A pile of clutter you haven’t got round to dealing with, because you don’t know where it should go.


Now deal with it all. 


~ Pass those read books on, don’t store them, you’ve read them, they have served their purpose.

~ Re-gift those unused toiletries.  Give them to a food bank, or go put them in your bathroom cupboard.  Move them on from your bedroom.

~ Those once worn clothes? Wash them and put them away.  You deserve clean fresh clothes.  

~ That pile of clutter, pick it up piece by piece and sort it out.  Ten minutes should do it. 

You should be feeling better already.

Get Cleaning

Clean the windows and mirrors.  There’s something about sparkling windows that makes a room feel fresh.

Use a damp cloth and wipe down all the surfaces.

vacuum or sweet all the corners.

Clear your nightstand.

Your Bed

Should you cut corners on all of the other steps you should not neglect your bed.  When your bed is fresh you will feel fresh.

No one expects miracles to happen in your bedroom overnight, but by following the next steps you are well on your way to that blissful feeling.

Start with stripping your bed completely.

Spot clean any stains on your mattress and give your mattress a thorough vacuum.  You read that right, vacuum your mattress.  Your mattress will be filled with dead skin cells and dust.  It will be so much nicer for you knowing all the dirt is gone.

Take your pillows outside and give them a good shaking.  Hang them on the washing line if its dry, let the air around them.

Ideally those pillows need washing every year, or if they are inexpensive buy new ones.

Wash your sheets and pillowcases, adding a little cup of white vinegar into the washing machine to strip out any lingering odours.  Wash your duvet cover too.

Give your duvet or blankets a big shake outside also.  Get the dust off, the fresh air will give them an extra nice feeling of loveliness. Hang them on the line for a little while if its not raining.  Get that fresh air smell on your bedding.

girl asleep in bed

Take Care

Look After Your Bedroom

Dress Your Bed

Make your bed.  Always use a top sheet for that luxurious feel, it doesn’t matter what colour the sheet is.  The top sheet can be folded down over the top of your duvet.  It always gives that extra look of sumptuousness.

Smooth your duvet and plump the pillows, over-stuff the pillowcases for that rich look.  Add a few scatter cushions, you are bound to have some laying around, everyone has extra cushions that they don’t know what to do with.

Why don’t you lay a bedscarf  across the bottom of your bed.  If you don’t have a bedscarf or runner, any fabric or thin blanket folded into a strip would do.  It doesn’t have to be designed for that purpose.  Carefully lift the scarf off the bed before you get into it at night.

Items You Love

Finally, think about what makes you smile.  Do you have a favourite teddy bear? What about a pot plant that you love or even a large lamp.  A couple of pictures maybe or simply a vintage item that you fell in love with at the local flea market.

Strategically place them in your bedroom, make your room a showpiece. After all, you are worth it.

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