Nusen - 6 Silicone Brushes

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered these silicone mask applicator brushes. They were cheap!

I was not disappointed when they arrived. The applicator brushes come in a handy pack of six, which is just as well as I have two teenage daughters in the house. My daughters swooped on them; then there was one left for me!

These ‘brushes’ inadvertently got a test drive almost immediately. My first impression was they are quite tactile when opening the packet I just wanted to play with them. They felt pleasant to touch, and I could sit and fiddle with them for quite some time(simple things make you happy).

Initially, the oldest daughter used hers for applying her black face mask. My 16-year-old has long nails and she remarked how using the applicator brush meant she didn’t get the black gunky stuff from the mask under her nails.
Other uses could be to use for applying hair remover cream, or other beauty uses.

You also use these brushes for crafts, which I do a lot and now I have received them I can see the single one I have left will be placed safely in my crafting box away from my teenage children.


Would I buy these brushes again? Yes I would, however there is six in a pack so I probably do not need to.  

Get them here: brushes.

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