MENCOM Sports Water Bottle

I have been using my new water bottle for several days now, so I figured its time I better write a review.

I always have a sports water bottle beside me; I have a healthy habit of drinking water all day long. By filling a bottle, I can measure my daily intake because I know how many millilitres my bottle holds and how many I target to have in a day.

When I saw this bottle, I thought that I would give it a try because it had the measurements on the side and a handy carry handle. My first impressions were that the bottle was quite large and I immediately assumed it would be too heavy to carry around with me all day. I was right to a degree, it is quite heavy when full, but I have very quickly adapted.

I realised that I was about to give up on this bottle before I even started, but I didn’t want to ‘waste my money’ as it were and persevered. Several days in, I now love this bottle. I don’t drink from it the way I use my other sports bottles, but I am using it as a visual reminder as to how much I have drunk already and how much I need to go. I decant from it rather than using the straw, though the straw will be useful I am sure. The top has a little click, button on it which is easy to operate. There also appears to be a valve which seals down when the lid is closed so it won’t leak, I have given this bottle a good shaking around and I can assure you that I have not found it to leak yet. The bottle is too big to put in the cup holder of my car, so it isn’t quite so portable; however, it can sit beside me at my desk while I am working; I don’t need to keep getting up to refill it like my regular size bottles. The other plus is that I can fill it the night before and store it in the fridge, means when it is morning it is ready to go when I am. 


Would I buy this bottle again? Probably so, but I think it would be great to have a broader range of colours available. I am not sure that everyone would appreciate the dusky pinky, peach colour, maybe some bright, funky, colours would be nicer.

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