Fotemix - 2pc Clear Toiletries Bag

Transparent For Easy Accessibility

The funny thing is I always end up receiving a few make-up bags at Christmas for gifts.  I tend to use them for random things, or I pass them along to my teenage daughters.  Right now on my desk, I have a turquoise cat bag which I have used as a pencil case.

Last week, I was offered the chance to receive a two pack of Fotemix Clear Toiletry Bags for product testing.  As it happens, I was going away for two days and I was able to try them out ‘for real’ rather than just playing with them around the house.

In preparation for my trip, I had laid out toothpaste, soap, hand-cream, lip-balm, mascara, foundation, breath spray, hand gel, a nail file, perfume and a toothbrush.  A surprising amount of toiletries that needed and they all went in one of the bags.  The bag measured a neat 17 cm by 18 cm and 5 cm deep which can expand further if needed. The second bag I kept for my wet things for coming home so there would be no soggy mess in my bag when I got back.

I found the bag sturdy and there is no sign that it would tear under pressure. This is reflected by the 1-year guarantee for your money back if it is defective.  They are also easy to clean with a damp cloth, I can see that they will look pristine for a while too.  If you would like to purchase these bags, you can find them here.


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