Easiest Most Obvious Christmas Card Up-cycling Hack In The world

I do not think for one moment that this is an original idea.  It isn’t the first time in the history of Christmas card sending that people haven’t up-cycled Christmas cards.

Often we pack the cards away for use in crafting projects for next Christmas. Those crafting projects never get completed, let alone taken out of storage to be started.  In my house we have a large crate filled with leftover cards and decorations. 

This year we decided to recycle everything. However, that in itself causes an issue with the younger members of the household.  The younger people like to hang on to things to cut up and make a mess with; you know how that goes.  The younger people in my own house also have difficulty in throwing things away, it upsets them. 

I do to a degree, especially thinking that my friends spend their hard earned cash buying me cards for me to just look at once then toss in the recycle bin.  So, for benefit all these people who are low scale hoarders and the people like me, who sees value in rubbish, we decided this year to up-cycle things.

We happen to own an Ellison Big Shot machine, although this is by no means essential for the job.  The Big Shot machine does make it fun though, if you are a serious crafter you will KNOW what this amazing machine is.

The Big Shot is a die cutter gadget with endless amounts of dies that can go with it. 

We used a square frame die to cut the picture side of the Christmas cards.  It makes a perfect message sized card to write notes or shoping lists on.  We are also making use of them in the office for work.  It saves paper and you get a smile each time you write a note.  It also pleases the youngest members of the household and there’s no guilt in throwing the cards away now.

Can you spot the card you sent to us?

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