Yankee Candle Burn Times

How long does a Yankee Candle burn for?  what about a wax melt? I found myself looking up how long the wax melts stay fragranced for recently.  I thought I would share this piece of unimportant information with you.  Well, its not really unimportant because you want to know how much fragrance you get for your money.  At least I do anyway.

Tarts or Wax Melts as they are commonly known.

They are officially scented for 8 hours of burning. 

I use these tarts a lot, in my opinion you get two days worth of scent.  I use two 8 hour tealights in my wax burner, and then they are done.  So the claimed 8 hours is most likely the equivalence of two burn times, so two heat ups and cool downs included.

Scented Tea Lights

The claim is four to six hours.  I find I get the six hours when I burn them in one go.  Weirdly if I burn them in two sessions I get nearer four hours, not sure why though.


I use these a lot, but cannot verify the burn times because I have never thought about it.  Yankee claims up to 15 hours.

Easy Melt Cups or Scenterpieces

Yankee’s are claiming you get 24 hours from these.  They seem good, I have never tried them before.

Classic Jars

Small burns for 20 to 30 hours, medium for 65 – 75 hours.  The large burns for 110 to 150 hours. Going from experience I find my jars last so much longer when I sue a chimney on them. It helps the wax melt more evenly and avoids waste.


Small 45 hours, Medium are 80 to 110 hours.  Large Pillars are 125 to 165 hours burn time.  These seem fabulous.


Small tumblers up to 30 hours. Three wick candles burn for 30 to 50 hours. Medium tumblers and this includes two wick tumblers have a burn time of 40 to 50 hours.  Large tumblers you get 75 to 110 hours of delicious scent.


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